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Project „Training makes good professionals“ Erasmus+ – ИВЕМ ЛАЙФ ЕООД

Project „Training makes good professionals“ Erasmus+

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Геро и Стефания Колева в „Лъжи ме, обичам те“ на 4 декември в Сандански
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Project „Training makes good professionals“ Erasmus+


The project „Training makes good professionals“ aims at introducing the students of SOUUD „Dimitar Vlahov“ to innovative European practices in pastoral livestock farming, adopting standards in the field of organic farming, agriculture and entrepreneurship, offering them new theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a real working environment – by conducting training in a farm in Bulgaria. Participants in the project will be SOUUD Dimitar Vlahov – applicant organization and IVEM LIFE LTD – partner organization. A total of 28 students from SOUUD Dimitar Vlahov – Strumica from the field of Farming Technician, Horticulture Technician, Agricultural Management will take part in the mobility of the project, which will undergo practical training in the agricultural sector in a region with traditions in this area – Southwestern Bulgaria. The practice will last for 2 weeks-14 days. In response to identified problems and needs, the project sets the following goals:
– Upgrading students’ knowledge, practical skills and professional competences by learning
technology and working with new mechanisms in agriculture,
– Applying new forms and learning a set of practical skills in agriculture, studying foreign experience
in agribusiness, studying modern practices in wine-growing and agriculture.
Improving the level of key competences and skills, especially in terms of their adequacy on the labor
– Improving the capacity of the school by strengthening the established international partnership,
transferring good practice in vocational training.
– acquiring the entrepreneurial skills needed to develop their own business and manage a biofarm;
Encourage and raise awareness of the development of a European area of lifelong learning in order
to support the modernization of education and training systems in the agrarian sector.
After a transparent selection with clear conditions in the educational mobility, 28 students from the profession of Farming Technician, Horticulture Technician, Agricultural Management, who will be trained in two streams, accompanied by 2 teachers from each group will take part. Each stream will include 14 students aged 16 to 18 years. The project will set an access to quality education by linking it to European standards and studying the specifics of agribusiness in a country of the European Union. Putting students in a real work environment will develop their teamwork skills and increase motivation for future realization. The effect of the project will be to improve the intercultural and social competences of the students.
In order to meet the preliminary objectives, the project activities will be in compliance with all the criteria of the European Quality Charter for Mobility:
1. Creating a team for managing, organizing and coordinating the project activities
2. Development of a detailed work program – a joint team of specialists from SOUUD Dimitar Vlahov
3. Selection of students – development of criteria, together with the partner, for the purpose of
transparency and equal participation in the selection of participants.
4. Conducting pedagogical and cultural preparation.
5. Carrying out the mobility on the territory of Sandanski.
The mobility will comply with all European requirements for quality agricultural education.
6. Ensuring the sustainability of the project results – the applied activities will be used in the teacher
training courses on agricultural disciplines in SOUUD Dimitar Vlahov, with the consent of the partner.
7. Promotion of project results